Webinar – Affected by COVID-19?

Webinar – Affected by COVID-19?

We had the most successful Webinar ever and a number of requests to cover this topic from students just like you, so we’ve decided to share it due to the importance of the content. Our expert and an Admissions Coach, Jennifer, answered all the questions during this challenging time, and here are instructions on how to watch it, in case you missed it!

The coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives drastically, and students are no different. Many students have had to stop attending their classes and switch to seeing their professors online. More alarmingly, many students have lost a way to support themselves through college.

The Most Important Questions Answered

Many students wanted to know answers to the following questions: 

COVID-19 Consequences

One of the most important questions that students have nowadays is – will they be able to get their tuition money back? Jennifer discusses tuition, whether they will be paid back and what effects this will have on students and their studies.

Moreover, they talk about how the pandemic will affect the number of high school seniors who defer, as well as consequences of moving from a well-known university to a college.

Students can find out if they can still apply for a scholarship if they’re a senior in high school and if now is too late to start looking for scholarships to apply to.

Also, you’ll get to hear how flexible colleges are with the terms of their admission because students cannot retake their SATs.

COVID-19 Scholarships

There are many scholarships we are giving away to students affected by COVID-19 and this is how you can apply for them, including some tips for essays. 

Watch the Webinar

These are just some of the many interesting questions discussed in this webinar. Whether you’re a high school senior or a student actively looking for scholarships, you don’t want to miss it.

If you missed our Live Webinar, or you want to watch it again, here’s your chance: Click Here.

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